Remembering Communion

This upcoming Sabbath is a special time for our church to remember what our wonderful Savior did for us, 2000 years ago. His death gave us life.

And to remember it is a Biblical command we follow in the communal service of foot washing and communion. We could just ask, "Hey, does everyone remember that Jesus died for us?" and most would say, "Of course." But that's a little like asking, "Hey, does everyone remember that George Washington was the first president of the USA?" The response would similar, a mental inquiry into our history archives, not the reflective and active retelling and rehearing that the Scriptures call us to do. 

So take some time this Friday night and prepare yourself by putting the cares of the world behind you, and come ready on Sabbath to enter into the "remembering" of Christ's death for you and me. See you this Communion Sabbath.