Pictoral Directory -- coming soon. 

Every few years, our church put together a new picture directory. The old directory isn't accurate, and the pictures, while younger and personally preferred, don't include the new people that have recently joined... So we start a new one up again. 

And people appreciate it. They like having the latest contact information, and especially the pictures. They can now say, "Hey, honey, this is the guy that I told you about. Here's his picture," and "Oh, yeah, I know that person. He's really nice." Without updated directories, we'd all be left to sketching a drawing or giving awkward verbal descriptions of others. But alas, the pictorial directory comes to help us know who's who. 

And that's exactly what we want. We want you to know who's who.  And why?  Because these people are s special to us. These people are your fellow church members who are journeying through this life, like you, seeking to live by faith, serve with love and to be a voice of truth and hope. They have ups and downs, like you.  They have challenges and successes, like you. And they, like you, are your church family. And I hope and pray that every time you look at the new upcoming pictoral directory, a sense of appreciation warms your heart and you say "Ah, my brothers and sisters in Christ." These are my church family. 

~Pastor Jeff Richards

p.s by the way, if you still want your picture taken, there's time. Contact Vicki Sagaral at vsagaral@hotmail.com, before October 23. 2018.