"Who are you, Lord? What shall I do?"

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Pastor Jeff's Steps for Devotional Structure

1. Thankful for
- Write a list of all the things that you feel gratitude for.
ex. My family, my job, living in USA, steering wheels, thoughtful friends.

2. Praise/Appreciate about God
- What character qualities do I appreciate about God?
ex. He’s forgiving. He’s wise. He’s faithful.

3. People
- Jott down a few people who are on your mind, for whom you want to pray or help.
ex. My spouse. My friend. My next door neighbor.

4. Church & Other Roles
- What roles do you have that you want God to strengthen you for?
ex. Father, mother. Organizer at work. Greeter at church. Spiritual leader of my home.

5. Reflection on Yesterday
- Write a short journal entry about yesterday, the good, the bad. How would you handle the challenges next time? How did you see God work or Satan attack?
ex. God yesterday was a mess; I said things I shouldn’t. Or God, I’m so glad yesterday you gave me peace.

6. Devotional Reading and Thought
- Write out your verse, thought, observations, conclusions.
ex. Genesis 1:1. Before anything God created the world. Wow. He was there. And He is here for me in my beginnings of being a better Christian, more loving family member.

7. Prayer
- write out a simple or earnest prayer.
Dear God, help me today to remember that you are my beginning. You created me. I give you my life, asking you to guide me. Give me strength to be a better parent/brother/sister. Love you Lord. Love, me.

8. Goals/Tasks for Today
- This is a good place to write down things that keep bugging you during devotions, simple things like don’t forget to call the mechanic about the brakes. Writing them down frees the mind.
It’s also a place to write down what you feel God wants you to get done.
ex. Call mechanic. Call Joe, check on him. Finish English paper