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Will we still have two services? Yes, the worship services are the same and reservations will not be necessary to attend. The outdoor church begins at 9:30. The indoor church starts at 11 am. Church services will be streamed online at 11 am. 

What are the Social Distancing Rules and Guidelines? 
-Please stay home if you’re sick or have any symptoms of illness, or have been around anyone who was or is sick or have any symptoms of illness.  For the safety of everyone, PLEASE STAY HOME or we may have to turn you away at the door.  

-Refrain from any physical contact like handshaking or hugging, however, please feel free use the bow or something similar to greet one another. 

-Socially distance yourself/family with 6 feet or more. 

-Face coverings are REQUIRED and to be worn before entering the church buildings and remain on inside the church buildings, even when sitting. 

I have genuinely appreciated our church members who have weathered the difficulties of these times. I know many, like me, will look forward to seeing their church family once again. 

God is good! And we know He is still on His throne!


Pastor Jeff