Making Sabbath Worship Special

Jeff Richards   -  

Ever struggle to put together a meaningful Sabbath family worship on Friday night or Sabbath sundown? If you’re like me, it can be a bit of a challenge to make Sabbath evenings special in that you don’t want to read the same family worship book you read all week long, or maybe it gets tiring to hear the same parent or spouse give worship.

Last Sabbath, Brian Schick shared a great idea of what he and Marcia do. On Friday night, both of them share the highlights of their daily devotions from that week. 

Ingenious. First, it’s different, creating interest and specialness for the Sabbath. Secondly, it creates an inclusive atmosphere where everyone is spiritually contributing and valued. Connecting with your faith in a secure yet inspiring environment serves as a great foundation for sharing one’s beliefs outside of the home. Thirdly, it’s exciting to hear what the Holy Spirit is telling the rest of your family.

So try it out. Make Sabbath worship special!