Church Pictorial Online Directory

A New Directory? Yes

Many have asked about a church directory? Our past one is outdated, 2018. Wow. That's too long ago.

Will we be using LifeTouch like last time? No. They are no longer in business. Due to this fact, the low cost of digital online directories, and better updating functions, we have decided to forego a traditional paper directory.

Will the church have a professional photographer taking pictures for this online directory? No, you will be adding the pictures already taken elsewhere.

Church Planning Center is the program our church is using. For those that really want a printed directory, the church office is working on that.

The online directory is available on any computer web browser, like Chrome or Safari. It is also its own dedicated phone/tablet app, Church Center.

Who can access this online directory?

Only those members and attendees we send an invite to. Once you click that email invitation, then you decide which of your contact information is shared with the church family. You can edit your own household and individual profile pictures. You can update the info at anytime, or ask us to.

No one can get access unless the church office grants them such access.

But only you, can give permission to share your info on this church pictorial directory. Our office staff cannot do that for you. How can you do this? Follow the steps below, or watch the tutorial videos below.

Directions for Getting Set Up

To get connected to the church directory, you must first receive an email invitation from the church. Contact our church secretary if you'd like to receive an invite.

Once you've received that email, follow the directions.
1. Click on the link “Join Directory” and follow the steps.
2. Type in your phone number.
3. It will send you a 6 digit code. Enter it.
4. Click “Share it Now”
5. Click on checkbox next to name.
6. Then click on info you want to share.
7. We ask you to share a profile picture, for others to see you.
8. Add a household picture too.

And explore.